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Field of College Rugby Dreams

School Fields were once a sod covered mud paddock dressed up to produce a local rugby derby for the team your college hated to lose to the most. Those days are long gone and about time.

What comes first? Chicken or the Egg? You build it and they will come! The famous words from the Baseball movie, Field of Dreams where a Corn farmer build's a Baseball Diamond in his field after hearing a whisper in the wind.


That's the opportunity that's presented to our Colleges on a weekly basis, to dress up their number One field for that once in a year live TV game. And not just Sky sport here but it's also going out live on the Rugby Channel, Worldwide. Just recently Lindisfarne College had a TV game and their Grounds man Bruce Houghton got into gear to produce a Field that would do the school and its supporters proud. The Art Class was given the job of learning the finer points of Field Logo painting and practiced until they perfected it.


Bruce updated his Field Marking paint to Blinder and got a Kombi to ensure lines were excellent. This isn't just happening in Hawke's Bay but all over the country. Sky has thrown out the challenge to the schools and the colleges are meeting that challenge. How could we forget the emotional Haka before the Kings College vs Auckland Grammar game? Not only are the schools using the best paint on their lines, but are introducing numbers and doing logos to take this chance to show off who they are. One College I deal with had a dowdy field that was dead boring. Until they got a TV game! Now when I drive past the school, the field is always looking great.


The level of College 1st XV rugby is outstanding and the colleges should be proud of how they look.

To take a quote from the Sky website "Watch them before the World does"!!

And referring to Field Of Dreams again, did they come? yes they did!!