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Line Marking Paint

Line Marking Paint for all sports surfaces whether it be Grass, Hard or Synthetic.


Our paints are designed to give high levels of performance whilst having the minimum impact on the environment. The raw materials we employ are also chosen not only on their technical merits but on their `environmental friendliness`. All of our raw materials are guaranteed APEO-free and wherever possible are biodegradable.

Typical pH levels of our paints are lower than many manufacturers (circa 7.0 rather than 8.0 to 9.0), Fleet products being close to the pH of water, even when the paint is in concentrated form, minimise leaching effects and ensure negligible impact on the biosphere.

Grass Line Marking Paint


Our biggest selling and most popular paint range has to be for grass, we manufacture a full range of paints especially designed for use on all types of natural grass surface. All are designed to work with transfer and spray machines the world over, from ready to use products to concentrates capable of dilutions up to 20:1, we have a grass paint to suit you.


Hard Surface Line Marking Paint


Painting hard surfaces used to be something only professionals would tackle but with our water based hard surface paints anyone can zone and spray lines on a variety of hard surfaces including tarmac, asphalt, concrete and many more. From our ozone friendly line forming aerosols which provide a quick mark for any surface to our Permenant Marking Fluid available in a wide range of colours. The most recent addition to this range is Hard Surface Zoning which can be used to zone large areas and meets SAPCA, LTA and ITF Anti-Slip requirements.


Synthetic Surface Line Marking Paint


Sand Dressed, Sand Filled, Water Based & Rubber Crumb all covered with our range of paint designed soley for Synthetic Surfaces. Our Synthetic Turf Coating (STC) is available in a range of vibrant, bright colours including - White, Red, Yellow and Blue, providing an economical and long lasting line.


Line Marking Paint Multifill System


The Multifill System makes it very economical for the bulk user, a space saving option when paint is needed on site in high volumes.

The 1000 litre tank is mounted on the to a custom build frame which is supplied when ordering the system for the first time. The Paint is held within a durable bag and comes complete with a heavy duty tap for paint release. A locking cap is supplied to ensure the system is kept secure for users piece of mind.

The Multifill system is available with the following products Blinder, Pitchmarker Super C, Q2, C, B Plus and Reddispray plus.For more information on the complete system please call us or click the above image to arrange a visit from your area sales manager.

Technical Aspects of our Line Marking Paints

The products are designed with the application in mind and are low viscosity to improve handling and reduce waste, mix easily with water to save time and resist settlement when diluted for use which saves time for the grounds-man and saves on waste.

Fleet products, although designed in conjunction with application equipment such as the Kombi or BeamRider, are flexible enough to work with any of the alternative line marking equipment on the market. The paints and machines are designed for the job.

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Paint Helper

Our Paint Helper allows you to compare products from our range of paints.

Paint Calculator

To give you an estimate as to how much paint you will need to mark in several different scenarios we have made a paint calculator.

The calculator is only an estimate and depends on many variables such as walking speed.

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